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 Zhejiang Li explosion-proof fan manufacturing (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. is a collection of scientific research, design, production, after-sales as one of the modern enterprises, the plant built 24,000 square meters of ancient land, the production base is located in Toumen Island, is the State Council approved the "Zhejiang Marine Economic Development Demonstration Zone Planning" in the key port logistics island and important energy resources storage and transportation base. The geographical location is unique, the transportation is very convenient, based on the Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou port industry center node, the mouth of Taizhou Bay Horn Mouth, in the central port area of Taizhou, is the fulcrum of the eastward expansion of the coastal city, and is also the bridgehead for the integrated development of Taiwan's city and bay in the future.




Zhejiang East Litong was founded in 1996, its development history can be traced back to 2001 Shanghai Litong Electric Co., Ltd. Wenling Guangming Branch / 20 years Zhejiang Lingqi explosion-proof fan Co., Ltd., with its professional level and mature technology in the field of high-temperature baking fans and high-temperature motors, it has risen rapidly in the field of grain fans. It is our constant pursuit to rely on innovation and quality for development, and continue to provide customers with satisfactory intelligent and high-efficiency fan products. On the basis of fully absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad, in 2017, it has successfully developed a permanent magnet DC brushless high-temperature baking fan (which has taken the lead in reaching the national first-class energy efficiency standard and filed on the energy efficiency labeling network), a special axial fan and centrifugal fan for high-temperature grain, a storage wear-resistant and moisture-proof fan and motor, a new dust explosion-proof motor and other products, and has been widely used in supporting high-temperature baking equipment, indoor basements of general factories and buildings, supporting grain machinery and equipment, industrial and mining, enterprises, hotels, restaurants, etc. Paint shop and many other fields. The company's "Zhedong Litong" brand of high-temperature and high-humidity fans, special fans for baking, fans for food machinery, high-temperature smoke exhaust fans for fire fighting, mixed-flow fans, 4-72 aluminum impellers, adjustable aluminum alloy fans, intelligent and efficient motors, and dust explosion-proof motors have been well received by users with first-class product quality and superb SILIDATE technical services. In the process of development, the company continues to absorb the application of fan products in the baking industry and grain machinery industry, and the design and production capacity has been rapidly improved, the scale has been expanded, and the market share has been rapidly occupied.


Mission: Promote the improvement of the fan industry and be a socially responsible enterprise

——The company has always pursued the sustainable development path of green manufacturing and environmental friendliness, strictly self-disciplined, standardized the market, had the courage to take responsibility, led the healthy development of the industry, and was a socially responsible enterprise.


Vision: To build the world's most professional intelligent baking fan and intelligent grain fan

——The company will continue to carry out innovative research and development and technological transformation of fan products, equipment and processes, pursue the dominant position in the fan industry, and create the world's most professional intelligent baking fan and intelligent grain fan.。


Core values: focus, innovation, win-win

——Focus: In the process of development, the company adheres to the path of professional development, adheres to the fan, is not diversified, not impetuous, not eager for quick success, adheres to the enterprise spirit of "Fengxiang technology, quality omen future", and makes the fan refined, stronger and ultimate with a broad mind.
——Innovation: The company will continue to carry out R&D and technological transformation of fan products, equipment and processes, and is committed to reducing energy consumption, improving efficiency, responding to the call of national energy conservation and environmental protection, and making a contribution to the cause of global environmental protection; Continuous innovation, brand building, diligent, and excellence ensure that Rationalax always maintains its technological advantage in the global wind turbine industry.
——Win-win: The company adheres to integrity, mutual benefit and common prosperity, and is virtuous. Create a harmonious and happy enterprise to achieve win-win development of customers, employees and society.



——Zhejiang Fenglei Electromechanical Co., Ltd. was established and obtained the dust explosion-proof motor certificate. Production of permanent magnet brushless motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors, outdoor high-efficiency motors, dust explosion-proof motors.


——Zhejiang Lingqi Explosion-proof Fan Co., Ltd. was established under the umbrella, and obtained the explosion-proof certificate of axial fan and exhaust fan for many products. Specializing in the production of various types of explosion-proof axial fans.


——In Zeguo Town, Wenling City, Zhejiang, a new plant (24,000 square meters) is built, mainly producing axial fans, centrifugal fans, mixed-flow fans, circulation fans, baking fans, exhaust fans, blowers, aluminum alloy fans, fire fans, etc.


——Shanghai Litong Electric Co., Ltd. was established, located in Situan Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai, mainly producing and processing axial fans, centrifugal fans and other types of fans and accessories.


——Founded Wenling Guangming Fan Factory, located in Zeguo Town, Wenling City, Zhejiang, mainly processing and producing blowers and various types of ventilators.


The company has changed from a single production at the beginning of the establishment to a professional manufacturer of high-temperature fans of independent innovation brands. It has Zhejiang Fenglei Electromechanical Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Lingqi Explosion-proof Fan Co., Ltd., of which Zhejiang Lingqi Explosion-proof Fan Co., Ltd. has obtained explosion-proof certificates. The company has taken the lead in passing ISO9001 international quality system certification, CE EU certification and CCC China certification. Adopt the "7S" refined management model, and fully implement standardized, systematic, process-oriented, data-based and international enterprise management.


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