China (Kunshan) Fan Industry Exhibition 2017

(Summary description)China (Kunshan) Fan Industry Exhibition 2017

China (Kunshan) Fan Industry Exhibition 2017

(Summary description)China (Kunshan) Fan Industry Exhibition 2017


Since the reform and opening up, fan industry through the continuous introduction of technology digestion, absorption and innovation, China's various types of fan design and manufacturing level has been rapid development, the level of localization has improved by leaps and bounds, September 7, 2016, the second session of the China (Kunshan) International Fan Exhibition in Huaqiao International Expo Center came to a successful conclusion. This exhibition and forum make full use of the fan and ventilation industry technology authority unit of influence and the Kunshan Municipal People's Government, Kunshan Economic Development Zone, Huaqiao District Management Committee of the call, with the industry website and other strong media publicity, in the organizing committee carefully organized, has gained wide attention. The product display gathered many famous enterprises at home and abroad.
"The Third China (Kunshan) International Fan Industry Exhibition 2017" continues to present a full range of the latest cutting-edge technology and products of the world's fan technology development. We will adhere to the policy of "specialization, marketization, branding", careful organization, careful service, is committed to China's fan industry to create an effective, professional, international market and publicity and promotional platform, will be the enterprise's existing and potential partners, customers, suppliers and rivals to gather together, the same stage exhibition, the same stage! Competition. At the same time, it is the best time to publicize the company's image and expand the market, so that the industry friends participating in the exhibition to obtain good social and economic benefits. Provide innovative products and technical solutions for the majority of professionals, when buyers and suppliers will gather together in an interactive experience environment and industry peers to communicate and learn, exhibitors will get a great opportunity to expand their business. We focus on promoting for the global fan industry to provide a set of image display, brand promotion, marketing and communication of a powerful platform, is the suppliers and buyers can not miss the event. 2017 third China (Kunshan) International Fan Exhibition will be "scientific and technological innovation to lead the industry, the green power to create the future" as the theme of the exhibition, to encourage Enterprises to develop low-noise, energy-saving fan products to fulfill the country's responsibility to promote green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, drive the overall technology innovation and development of the fan industry, to implement the "13th Five-Year Plan" and "China Industry 2025" strategic blueprint.




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